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Aynia Brennan Aynia Brennan
has been using NaturePhotos since 11/12-2009
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My favorite equipment: Olympus 35mm macro lens. This is a great little lens which goes to 1:1 magnification, which on the small sensor is equivalent of 2:1 in pre digital 35mm days.
My favorite subjects: Bugs, beetles, and anything small.
My favorite location: I don't actually have a favourite location. I love adventure and visiting new places and am always on the lookout for new photographic opportunities. I have started doing landscapes since coming to Denmark which is a completely new direction for me.

Equipment: Nikon D7200, 35mm F1.8, 60mm makro, 200-500 mm, skiftede fra Olympus e series.

Jeg kan godt lide at prøve noget nyt.

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