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Olympus objektiver til salg

05/07-2010 at 14:37

Aynia Brennan Aynia Brennan writes::  Olympus 70-300mm 1.800,-

Olympus 50mm F2 Macro 2.500,-

Olympus 14-42mm 950,-

Olympus 35mm macro 900,-

Olympus 25mm extension tube 800,-

Olympus FL CB05 off camera flash cable 500,-


Reason for sale is a dead camera body, and instead of replacing it, I would like to change systems. Lenses are in excellent condition and relatively new.

Aynia Brennan

Commented 05/10-2010 at 17:42 by Aynia Brennan

70-300mm er solgt.

Jesper H. Andersen

Commented 05/10-2010 at 21:02 by Jesper H. Andersen

EX-25 er købt! - if Aynia accepts me as buyer?

Aynia Brennan

Commented 05/10-2010 at 21:49 by Aynia Brennan

Jesper, the answer is yes.. I will email you tomorrow. So Extension tube is also sold!


05/18-2010 at 23:07 by
deleted profil
Hej Aynia,

I would like to buy your Olympus 50mm F2.0 Macro.

Sent you a mail too, just in case

PS. Know idea if I should write in Danish or English.. so thats why the English.


Aynia Brennan

Commented 05/18-2010 at 23:35 by Aynia Brennan

Hej Martin,

Engelsk er bedst. (jeg kommer fra Irland og jeg taler lidt dansk!!) Jeg skal skrive til dig i morgen. Din email gik til min spam box... gmail!!!!


05/18-2010 at 23:46 by
deleted profil
Hi Aynia,

No problem, in English it will be then

You are also more then welcome to phone me, at the phone nr. in my mail, at anytime doing the day.

Aynia Brennan

Commented 05/18-2010 at 23:51 by Aynia Brennan

Hej Martin...

Måske.. If I'm feeling very brave.!!!

Jeg tale med dig i morgen!

Villy Leif Olsson

Commented 05/19-2010 at 17:47 by Villy Leif Olsson

Hej Martin, den kan du kun blive glad for. Selv med EC-20 giver den gode resultater.


05/19-2010 at 17:58 by
deleted profil
Hej Villy,

Jeg glælder mig også rigtig meget til at få den, har dog ikke en EC-20 men en EC-1.4. Detsvære har Aynia allerede solgt hendes 25mm Extgention Tube, så den må jeg have fat i et andet steds fra

Aynia Brennan

Commented 05/21-2010 at 17:41 by Aynia Brennan

Everything sold except the kit lens but I have discovered it is missing a rear cap.

So I'm locking the thread!

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