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HDR - Another Way Part 5

12/25-2009 at 14:41

Aynia Brennan Aynia Brennan writes::  Jens has written some fine articles about HDR and how to do it, but he has left out one little thing. He only uses the Details Enhancer to tonemap his images in Photomatix.

There is another option, and that is the Tone Compressor.

Sometimes the Details Enhancer does not work, or do the photo justice.
Author: Aynia Brennan

While this photo is for illustrative purposes only, we can see that the sun is a bit blown out, whereas the tone compressor somehow gives it more form.

Author: Aynia Brennan

Sometimes it can be good to look at an image using both options.

In the Moen Bridge one, the Details Enhancer gives us some lighter detail in the foreground of the jetty, while the Tone Compressor produces a more uniform image.

Details Enhancer:

Author: Aynia Brennan

Tone Compressor:

The colours are more vivid too.

Author: Aynia Brennan

The Details Enhancer can produce a type of halo effect - a little bit like what has happened to the bushes on this bottom right of this photo.

Author: Aynia Brennan

Comparing it to the Tone Compressed version:

Author: Aynia Brennan

The foreground details on the tree and bushes are lost, and the vivid colours enhanced at the sunset. This might come down to personal choice and subjective opinion.

Sometimes there can be a dramatic difference between the two tonemapping options.

Details Enhancer:

Author: Aynia Brennan

And the Tone Compressed version:

Author: Aynia Brennan

HDR should be about experimenting with all the options, not just about following tutorials.

Some people find Photomatix a bit difficult to work, but not to worry there are other options.

Dynamic Photo HDR


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