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Distracting elements - how to clone away -Klon væk Eksempel

05/23-2010 at 09:50

Aynia Brennan Aynia Brennan writes::  Here's how to clone out unwanted bits in a photo, and it's also useful for cloning out sensor spots. I have used Photoshop Elements for this but it can be done in any decent photo editor, including Gimp which is free.

Many thanks to Frank Joe for letting me use his photo.


Author: Aynia Brennan


Author: Aynia Brennan

First duplicate the background layer. This is wise because if you make a mistake, you just delete the layer and make a new one from the background again. If you don''t know about layers, then see this article.

Select the clone tool which can be found here.

Author: Aynia Brennan

Next select the size and shape of the brush. This depends somewhat on what exactly you want to clone out and also where you clone from.

I selected one of the brushes with the fuzzy outline because one with a hard edge would not work very well. It's good to experiment and see what happens with different brushes

Author: Aynia Brennan

After that select the size of the brush.

I selected a relatively small brush size, but it is not tiny.

Author: Aynia Brennan

Next decide the clone origin. By this I mean, you are taking a bit of the photo and putting it on top of the distraction, so it must match in and not look strange or funny.

Taking it too close to the distraction can sometimes result in repeating lines or strange patterns forming.

Author: Aynia Brennan

Set the clone tool by using alt + left click on the area, the cursor will change briefly to this when you are doing it

Author: Aynia Brennan

Once this has been set, move your brush cursor over to the distraction and click and paint over it. Be careful though because now the place where you set your brush is still linked. If the brush is too big, it can clone things in that you don't want. For example, you might see bits of the frog appearing. We don't want this. If it happens, go to edit/undo. Then change the brush size.

Author: Aynia Brennan

When you click to paint out the distraction you will see the little cross hair at the place that you have chosen.

Final version.

Author: Aynia Brennan

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