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Online-forening for NaturFotografer Online-forening for NaturFotografer
NaturePhotos.dk is an association of nature photographers consisting both of fully paid up members and (non paid up) users of the website NaturePhotos.dk.

The aim of the website is to provide a place to share the delights of nature through photography and debate. It is also a place where people can seek help identifying plants and animals they have encountered out in nature, and perhaps more importantly receive photography advice and guidance from some of the more experienced members of the site.

With nature photography as its focal point, the site offers a framework for debate about nature and outdoor experiences.

Anyone can use NaturePhotos, but in order to get full benefit of the site, you have to be a member of the association. The association represents the community where everyone is able to take part in the development of the site. Every member is eligible to participate in work, come up with new ideas, and put forward their opinions. The committee is responsible for the running of the website, and should be seen as a working group which can create a focus for the future. The committee is not a closed group and is open to new members should anyone wish to join.

Current Committee Members:
Jens Stolt - Chairman
Aynia Brennan - Treasurer
Frank Joe Hansen - Site Administrator
Tubas Løkkegaard - Committee member

Foreningens vedtægter - PDF-dokument



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