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Ladybird down under
, , Ladybird down under
Data: E-500 , 35mm - f/11.0, 1/80sec, ISO250
Filesize unknown!

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d. 15-04-2006
Garden... in Ireland
Author: Aynia Brennan
d. 08-04-2010
My portfolio does not reflect my love of ladybirds and macro... so here is one of my first ladybirds when I got my 35mm macro lens.

Villy Leif Olsson

13:20 by
Villy Leif Olsson
I thought that it was from Down Under (Australia), but is Ireland down under?
Nice picture in the good Olympus Colour.
Only one suggestion: eventually place the left corner of the leave near the upper left corne of the picture:)

Jens Stolt

14:02 by
Jens Stolt
There are problems. The colours are fine and saturated and the beetle is sharp.
But we cant see the head, and if we could it would have been out of dof whereas the other end is within, and thats a wrong priority.
Also the envionment is rather unruly, blurred and not blurred in a meaninglessway, and definately the straw in front of the lens causes a greenish cast / fog over a major part of the image.

So turn the beetle around and cut your lawn.

Aynia Brennan

14:57 by
Aynia Brennan
LOl! I should have expanded a little about Down Under... Yes Villy - Down Under is Australia, but I meant Down under foot, or down under the grass.

Now Jens, why should we see the head? It was taken as a "look, there's a ladybird in the grass" kind of photo and not a totally sharp portrait photo for a science magazine. I shall leave that kind of photo to people who want to take 20 shots indoors with bellows, focusing rails, microscope objectives and heaven knows what kind of kit.

Perhaps I should have left it uncropped to show more of the grass and also more of a sense of looking into the undergrowth..

Aynia Brennan

16:53 by
Aynia Brennan
Ooops.The small thumbnail which says it's the original upload is not. It's the uncropped version of the one Villy and Jens commented on and I have just uploaded it.


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